Monday, October 08, 2012

Meet Mitzi and Pica

Finally you can see a picture of Mitzi&Pica!
We are very excited to sell tickets! We will be selling tickets at NSCC on Tuesday, Dal on Tuesday and MSVU on Wednesday!
Strap in your Lederhosen Halifax! Its Stein time...

Friday, September 28, 2012

German Slang You NEED to KNOW

vorgl├╝hen- pre-drink

poppen- to sleep with, shag ect.

Vill this be you?

Be as happy as ze wunderbar German girl! #oktoberfestns

Das German Ladies

You loved our Oktoberfest Das Boot Video! You are going to love our costumes. Pictures to come soon. Mitzi and Pica are going to look good eating their pretzel! Are you?

All the Halloween stores in Halifax are selling hansome men lederhosen and gorgeous women bavarian bar maids outfits. Get yours for our incredible German themed party!

"Ve vant to see you all as German as it goes!"- Mitzi

"You smexy ladies and smexy gentlemen better polka with me!"- Pica 

Here is a little song to get you pumped up for the event!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pica's Rant

Hey all you fools!

Ve vant you to come to Oktoberfest now!

453-6000 ext. 228

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oktoberfest on Nintendo DS !

Official Oktoberfest Video Game for Nintendo DS! Completely legit and ready to order from Amazon! Would you play? Ha Ha!

The North Lakes

Here's The North Lakes, our opening band, performing in their hometown in PEI ! Check out their website and listen to some songs!


Thanks to Condor Airlines, one lucky Oktoberfest Partyer and some friends will win a trip to Oktoberfest Munich 2013! Oktoberfest Munich is the biggest party of the year with over 6 million visitors over the week long festival!

Check out our Oktoberfest Facts post for all the crazy details on past Oktoberfest Munich events and for all the info on Oktoberfest Halifax!

Two Hours Traffic La La La :)

Here's some more Two Hours Traffic with "Noisemaker!"


Oktoberfest Costumes!

We don't want to be the only ones having the most fun in traditional German outfits! We want you to join us in your best lederhosen! We already have a few sexy friends wearing outfits like the top hot blonde lady here! You can be as sexy as this Play Boy Costume or even make you're own outfit by just wearing anything similar to what you see here! We also want the men in there best lederhosen as well ! Try any of your local costume stores or even go on a hunt online. 

All three of these costumes were only 20$ and there are much more out there! Hope to see all you sexuals soon! Mitzi and Pica ;)