Monday, August 13, 2012

Das Boot

Meet Hans Gretel! He is a great representation of just how sexy Germans and their beer boots truly are ;)
Das Boot will be on sale at Oktoberfest Halifax for 20$! Keep the glass and get a full litre of beer!


Pica's Barbie!

Mitzi and Pica grew up playing with this Barbie. Her name is Yvonne. <3 Yvonne loves pretzels!

Mitzi and Pica Goal in Life

This Woman is a SUPER CHAMP. Mitzi's goal in life is to be able to do this one day!


Big Bang Theory is displaying great Oktoberfest spirit! Pica has a crush on the oh so smart Sheldon. Mitzi thinks that Lenord is smelly. ;)

Bruno is Back!

Bruno is back and posing in traditional Lederhosen for you lucky people. Mitzi and Pica are best friends with Bruno. He says Oktoberfest is his favourite time of year. "Halifax needs to get drunk at Oktoberfest now!" says Bruno.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Even the Kardashians love Oktoberfest!