Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oktoberfest on Nintendo DS !

Official Oktoberfest Video Game for Nintendo DS! Completely legit and ready to order from Amazon! Would you play? Ha Ha!

The North Lakes

Here's The North Lakes, our opening band, performing in their hometown in PEI ! Check out their website and listen to some songs!


Thanks to Condor Airlines, one lucky Oktoberfest Partyer and some friends will win a trip to Oktoberfest Munich 2013! Oktoberfest Munich is the biggest party of the year with over 6 million visitors over the week long festival!

Check out our Oktoberfest Facts post for all the crazy details on past Oktoberfest Munich events and for all the info on Oktoberfest Halifax!

Two Hours Traffic La La La :)

Here's some more Two Hours Traffic with "Noisemaker!"


Oktoberfest Costumes!

We don't want to be the only ones having the most fun in traditional German outfits! We want you to join us in your best lederhosen! We already have a few sexy friends wearing outfits like the top hot blonde lady here! You can be as sexy as this Play Boy Costume or even make you're own outfit by just wearing anything similar to what you see here! We also want the men in there best lederhosen as well ! Try any of your local costume stores or even go on a hunt online. 

All three of these costumes were only 20$ and there are much more out there! Hope to see all you sexuals soon! Mitzi and Pica ;)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Join the Facebook Event !




We are just sitting here thinking about all ze bier and delicious food will be at Oktoberfest Halifax ! It is going to be a good one I am thinking!


Here's some more music from our band of the night, 

The Big Reveal...

Coming soon, Me and Pica will be posting photos of ourselves so you can find us in the streets and at the party! Until then continue to enjoy our blog and our updates ! ;) 

Sexy German Spirit

If you were wondering just how hot this Oktoberfest is going to be, just imagine this times a couple hundred....

Oktoberfest, Stitch Style

Even Disney World has an Oktoberfest! Stitch looks cute in the lederhosen ja? He might have some competition with all the good looking Haligonians around who will be hitting up Oktoberfest Halifax! 

Friday, August 24, 2012


If You're Not Coming to Oktoberfest....

Change your mind?


That's right everyone's favourite party accessory will be on sale at Oktoberfest for 25 cents each! We're turning this party into an all out rager! Woo Hoo! 

Oktoberfest 2012! GET EXCITED!



What Drinking from Das Boot Progressively does to your Dance Moves...

William Shatner over enjoys Oktoberfest

Captain Kirk returns to Oktoberfest, this time with Peter Griffin. Unfortunately Shatner enjoyed a little too much fun at this years Oktoberfest.....

Oktoberfest Facts and Information!

Here are some facts about the Munich Oktoberfest! See Below for Info on Oktoberfest Halifax!

A traditional Oktoberfest party in Halifax, NS, filled with cheap beer, drinking boots, pretzels and sausage, followed by a concert and even more beer and drinks AND a prize for one lucky partyer to travel to Oktoberfest Munich 2013!

 October 12, 2012

The Dirty O/ Olympic Gardens

This is a 19+ Event hosted by your Oktoberfest Mascots Mitzi and Pica! Joining us for your entertainment is the Charlottetown rockband, Two Hours Traffic and Oompah band, The Swell Guys!

You can buy the tickets between September 24 and October 8 at the Universities in Halifax and Dartmouth. Or you can buy your ticket at Easter Seals Nova Scotia. Keep your yes open for Mitzi and Pica to be selling tickets down town. This event is going to be so amazing. you cannot miss it. Buy your ticket NOW!

The Unfortunate Tale of Pica....

Today we decided to look up the meanings of our names. My name, Mitzi means "star of the sea!" Pica on the other hand wasn't so lucky...

She is just like those from "Strange Addictions!" Ha ha ! Don't worry Pica, we'll try not to make fun of you...much lol.

The Swell Guys

Just like any good Oktoberfest party should, we have an Oompah band! Meet the Swell Guys, they will be playing good German music for drinking the bier! Prost!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heroes visit Oktoberfest!

Wolfgang and I, We love Heroes almost as much as we love ze beer and Oktoberfest and Giant Pretzels and Schnitzel... We love ze lederhosen and the Oktoberfest spirit! yaa!

You're so Punny!


Watch the epically hilarious battle of underground Oktoberfest beer competitions in Beerfest!

Lederhosen works 60% of the time, Every Time.

We all know the funniest men are also the sexiest. Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd show us how true it is in this cornucopia explosion of sexy hilarity in Lederhosen. Your schnitzels must bring all the girls to the yard jaa?

Need more Reason to Attend Oktoberfest Halifax?


Oktoberfest in Munich is the home of 6 million partygoers over a week long festival. We would like YOU to have the chance to join the biggest party in the world by giving away a trip to Germany to one of our very special guests at Oktoberfest Halifax! Pica is very jealous of the good fortune someone out there may have!

Live Long and Spocktoberfest !

Although our friend Mr. Spock comes from the far away planet of Vulcan, he enjoys the celebrations of Oktoberfest taught to him by his best Earthling friend Captain Kirk. The only thing cooler than Oktoberfest, is Oktoberfest IN SPACE (closely followed by Oktoberfest Halifax ha ha). So throw on your hottest Lederhosen and Dirndl and maybe I'll let you beam me up, if you know what I mean ;)



Just a little something to brighten your day! Super hilarious.

Hans Gretel Strikes Again!

Hans Gretel returns with another sexy video! You know you want one! Pica certainly does!

Get Your Sexy On Halifax!

The Ladies can look good in Lederhosen too! I want to see lots beautiful women joining us in Lederhosen and Dirndl to make this the most authentic, crazy Oktoberfest party Halifax has ever seen !

A Supernatural Oktoberfest

Pica: Mmmmm those beautiful Winchester boys know how to do Oktoberfest right!
Mitzi: Jaa! We will also have some delicious pretzels on sale at Halifax Oktoberfest!
Pica: I hope they're big ones...
Mizti: We all know when it comes to the pretzels, size matters. They will be GIANT!
Pica: They will be delicious with ze bier!
Mitzi: Not as delicious as Dean Winchester would be...

Can you Handle it? Einen Abbeißen! Ha Ha!

Ja! Das boot really will put you on your arsch! For 20$ you get das boot, the sexiest drinking glass around, plus we fill it with a litre of cold bier! Me and Mitzi accept the challenge, how about you?

Drop it like its hot in some sexy Lederhosen

We love when Snoop Dogg wears ze lederhosen! Me and Pica think that all the young men should be wearing them to Oktoberfest ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FYI on Oktoberfest in NS

Mitzi loves the dancing German Boys. Ooo La La! Come to Oktoberfest in Halifax.

When? October 12
Where? The Dirty O/ Olympic Gardens


You can buy the tickets between September 24 and October 8 at the Universities in Halifax and Dartmouth.

Or you can buy your ticket at Easter Seals Nova Scotia. Keep your yes open for Mitzi and Pica to be selling tickets down town. This event is going to be so amazing. you cannot miss it. Buy your ticket NOW!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Hours Traffic

Pica's Favourite song by Two Hours Traffic. <3

Pica's Boyfriend

This is Pica's boyfriend Wolfgang Schatz. Wolfgang and Pica have a wild relationship but he is amazing. Let Pica tell you!

Pica says, "From the beginning of time it was arranged that me and Wolfgang would be together. We went to the same school and worked in the same bar! We had a love hate relationship. He was my best friend when I wanted a boy friend and my boyfriend when I needed a best friend. MORON. But one very German night at our bar (Jak 44), we fell in love over a bottle of Jager! His tallness, his blondness, his masculiness. It was too much to bear! Now he travels all over the world as me and Mitzi travel to Halifax for this wonderbar Oktoberfest. WOO HOO!"

Oh Hans!

Oh Hans. You are so handsome in Lederhosen. ;) - Pica

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hilarious German Sayings

Want to speak all kinds of German? We found the perfect website for you- check this out. Keep your eyes on the schnitzel!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oktoberfest Nails


Das Einhorn

Mitzi "What a handsome horse!"
Mitzi "I want that horse. He can live in the play house!"
Pica "We have a play house?"
Mitzi "And I will call him Einhorn."
Pica "You never told me about the play house, hündin!"
Mitzi "I love Einhorn, la la la, love Einhorn. Ehinohrn I love them.     And Beer. I love beer."

Mitzi "Lets go drink beer."
Pica "JA!"

Put that in your Boot and Drink It!

Similar boots will be sold at our Oktoberfest here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Be excited! This is the only way Mitzi and Pica will drink beer- in DAS BOOOOOOOT!

Prost! (Cheers in German.)

Watch Das Boot!

It will surprise you! The whole movie...about a boat.... in German... yeaaaaaaaah. 

Drinking song!

Mitzi sings this in the shower! We hope you will join us at Oktoberfest Halifax!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Das Boot

Meet Hans Gretel! He is a great representation of just how sexy Germans and their beer boots truly are ;)
Das Boot will be on sale at Oktoberfest Halifax for 20$! Keep the glass and get a full litre of beer!


Pica's Barbie!

Mitzi and Pica grew up playing with this Barbie. Her name is Yvonne. <3 Yvonne loves pretzels!