Friday, September 28, 2012

German Slang You NEED to KNOW

vorgl├╝hen- pre-drink

poppen- to sleep with, shag ect.

Vill this be you?

Be as happy as ze wunderbar German girl! #oktoberfestns

Das German Ladies

You loved our Oktoberfest Das Boot Video! You are going to love our costumes. Pictures to come soon. Mitzi and Pica are going to look good eating their pretzel! Are you?

All the Halloween stores in Halifax are selling hansome men lederhosen and gorgeous women bavarian bar maids outfits. Get yours for our incredible German themed party!

"Ve vant to see you all as German as it goes!"- Mitzi

"You smexy ladies and smexy gentlemen better polka with me!"- Pica 

Here is a little song to get you pumped up for the event!