Monday, August 20, 2012

Pica's Boyfriend

This is Pica's boyfriend Wolfgang Schatz. Wolfgang and Pica have a wild relationship but he is amazing. Let Pica tell you!

Pica says, "From the beginning of time it was arranged that me and Wolfgang would be together. We went to the same school and worked in the same bar! We had a love hate relationship. He was my best friend when I wanted a boy friend and my boyfriend when I needed a best friend. MORON. But one very German night at our bar (Jak 44), we fell in love over a bottle of Jager! His tallness, his blondness, his masculiness. It was too much to bear! Now he travels all over the world as me and Mitzi travel to Halifax for this wonderbar Oktoberfest. WOO HOO!"


  1. sexiest bf ever ahahahahha

    1. you know good men when you see them jaa? ;)